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Founded in 1951, the chairman - Mr. Zhang Chaochuan and general manager - under the leadership of Mr. Zhang Yubin, the repeated expansion of business and relocation, There Taiwan Bin Wei factory (established in the Republic of China 75 years) and Jiangsu - Taizhou (Republic of China was founded in 1994). Taiwan Bin Wei plant in 89 years by ISO 9001, and the introduction of counseling just an annual management consulting firm in the Republic 92 years and the ERP computer system in the Republic 93 years. Is the total number of about 200 people or more.

Currently the guitar strings to produce 25-30 ten thousand volumes and related accessories. Market share of about 35 percent, the company imported machinery and more precision lathes and R & D R & D department developed machinery production. Also developed its own, casting injection mold tooling, based on good research and development and supply of major equipment world-renowned brands, guitar musical instrument industry enjoyed a seat leadership.

ADD:No.322, Futian 3rd St., South Dist., Taichung City 402, Taiwan (R.O.C.)